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Kyoto city rakusai bamboo park
Japanese name:京都市洛西竹林公園(きょうとしらくさいちくりんこうえん)
Japanese pron.:Kyoto-shi rakusai chikurin koen
Tag:Park Bamboo

Admission fee:Free
Hours:9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Visitors must enter by 4:00 pm)
Holidays:Wednesday, Dec.29 - Jan.3
Directions:A 5 minute walk from Minami-fukunishicho bus stop
Contact number:075-331-3821

Kyoto city rakusai bamboo park is a small bamboo park with a bamboo museum. 110 kinds of bamboos are planted.

The north gate of the park.

The map of the whole park.

Walking in the bamboo forest.

The entrace of the bamboo museum and the central park. Register your name on the notebook at the entrance.

Inside the bamboo museum.

Bamboo samples are displayed.

A Japanese style room.

Park view.

Name of this bridge is Dodobashi.

Stone images of the Buddha. These ware stone walls of Nijo castle.

A bamboo path.

Black bamboos.

Bamboo display area.

Bamboo grass.

There are silent bamboo roads around the park.

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